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Askfm Clone Script

v1.2.1 Released!
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Powerful Social Question Answer Website Script

Askfm Clone Script Demo

Ask Friends Questions

Users can ask members questions.

Answer Questions You Choose

Users can view all questions asked and choose which ones to answer.

Advanced Profile Pages

Askfm Clone Profile

SEO Profile URL's

Each member has their own profile page with an SEO friends url:

View All User's Answers

Askfm clone profile pages lists all the member's answers to questions.

View Liked Answers

Askfm clone profile pages lists all answers the user liked.

[View Demo To See How It Works]

follow members

Follow Members

Members can follow other members on Askfm clone script, then their answers show up in your stream.

Answers Stream

Askfm Clone Answers Stream

Answers Stream

The answers stream on askfm clone show answers to questions that members you follow have answered.

Public Stream

There is also a public stream of answers from all members of askfm clone.

Report Answers

Members logged into askfm clone script can report answers they think violate the terms of use, which will then be shows to the admin in the admin panel.

Notifications | Askfm Clone

Askfm Clone Like Notifications

Like Notifications

Askfm clone has a notification system that lets you know when someone likes your answer.

Link To Answer

Each notification links directly to the answer.

View All Notifications

There is a link to a separate page listing all recent like notifications.

Askfm Clone Answers Notifications

Answers Notifications

Askfm clone has a notification system that lets you know when a question you asked was answered.

Link To Answered Question

Each notification links directly to the answered question.

View All Notifications

There is a link to a separate page listing all recent answered question notifications.

Answer Questions on Askfm Clone Script

Askfm Clone Upload Image

Upload Image

With each answer the member can upload a jpg/png image.

Answer Limit

The admin can set the maximum characters an answer can contain.

Random Questions on Askfm Clone

Askfm Clone Random Questions

Get A Random Question

Users can click on a button to get a random question asked to them.

Admins Add Random Questions

Admins add all the random questions in the admin panel which users get asked.

Embeddable Widget! | Customizable Widget!

Askfm Clone Widget


Each user has their own widget they can embed onto other websites that allows users to ask them questions.


Users can change the background color and text color on the widget.

share posts

Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Users can share their profile url on social media.

Facebook Login

Login Using Facebook

Users can login via their account once the owners sets up facebook connect (complete instructions are provided).

Askfm Clone Script Admin Panel

Admin Panel

The advanced admin control panel allows you to fully manage your website. [View Demo]

Ban IPs

Ban IP Addresses

Admins can ban ips from the Admin Panel.

Askfm Clone Languages

Multiple Languages!

Askfm clone comes with English, Spanish and French.

Owners can easily add more languages by translating the language file!

areyouahuman Spam Catpcha

Our Askfm clone script comes integrated with the captcha system that helps fight spam.

Why Use Askfm Clone Script?

Our Askfm Clone is the most advanced Askfm Clone Script loaded with features needed to create a successful secret posting website.

  • 100% Viewable PHP Source Code of non-licensing files.
  • Multiple language system supporting many languages.
  • Free Bug Fixes For Life!
  • Login with facebook
  • Embeddable widget
  • Follow users system
  • Like answers system
  • Upload an image with an answer
  • Optional e-mail notification when asked a question
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